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We, us, our can refer to THSI or any affiliate, member or donor contribution

We value the privacy of our members and any other user of the site.

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To purchase any products or items on this website invites a little explanation as follows:

Firstly The Hautonga Society Incorporated is a not for profit entity. Heres a link to an explanation of a New Zealand Incorporated Society by Wikipedia.

Any revenue that is generated from sales of products or services from time to time on this website is accountable by our Website Agency donors or any member vendors.

As donors Dezign.Today website https://dezign.today have agreed to donate all proceeds back to the society in return for allowing the use of links, banners, products and services to generate said donations and to cover the cost of maintaining the website, hosting services any content writing and other services provided for the entire benefit of The Hautonga Society Incorporated and not any particular individuals.

Heres a brief from the registry;

What an incorporated society can do

Any activity carried out by an incorporated society must:

  • be lawful
  • be permitted by its own rules
  • not make money for the benefit of individual members.

Legal obligations

An incorporated society must comply with the laws of New Zealand. This means meeting any tax obligations and complying with any government agency requirements that may apply to the society’s activities.

Some activities may require approval or a licence from a central or local government agency, for example:

  • fundraising that involves the sale of liquor
  • running housie, casino evenings or raffles
  • holding street stalls.

What information is gathered and how do we use it?

The Hautonga Society Incorporated gathers information from account holders and members which may include an email address, a phone number, name, address. These are essential requirements for an Incorporated Society with membership.

The Hautonga Society Incorporated doesn’t retain any financial details of members nor any credit/debit card details. That information is passed securely to third party specialists such as PayPal, Stripe or Braintree. If at anytime a member seeks clarification of these matters we can be contacted at contact@hautonga.org.nz

Third party specialists aforementioned offer users an account for the processing of payments or otherwise a secure facility to process credit/debit card payments securely. The Hautonga Society Incorporated accepts that the members or users of the website agree to indemnify The Hautonga Society Incorporated from unauthorised use of information passed by the member or user to any other third party including but not exclusively; PayPal, Stripe, Braintree.

Our websites may contain links to third party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of any third party websites. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of each website you visit.