The Hautonga Society Incorporated (THSI) is an incorporated society and registered charitable service.

The registered rules make clear that ‘any persons, group including family group, organisation or affiliated Hapu who agree with the objectives of THSI can become a member, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees’.

A key purpose included in the rules state;

i) To promote and encourage the development of THSI and for the community benefit as a consequence.

The society was formally established in 2019 as a not for profit registered incorporated society under relevant legislation. Registration number 2741352.

The society works out of a small space (by agreement) of the registered Marae – Reservation facility established by Mr Alex Tatana and Mrs Ada Tatana consisting of a 2.5 Hectare property with buildings and wahi tapu or Urupa, sports ground. The property is set up to preserve for future generations (as opposed to any sale) use for special functions in compliance with an established and signed Charter after the ‘shock’ death of talented son Alex (Joe) in 1995.

A feature of the charter is respect for each other and others as well as equal rights between females and males.

Unfortunately the key founder Matu Alexander Tatana also died, in 2016 but not before sharing some invaluable history and knowledge – matauranga to particularly his trusted daughters and submissions for claimants in the Waitangi Tribunal 2015 held in Levin.

The hapu is Nga Matu, Iwi is Mua o te Tangata which is the spread nationwide for the tangata whenua people- or ‘the front of the people’   Link to published Death notice. 

For an interesting read on this point- tangata whenua see this article about the work of Professor Dr Rangi Matamua.

The old adage of egotistical males as leaders is a fallacy foreign to traditional tikanga Maori and was introduced by early engagements with the Crown so that rather than negotiating with the whole hapu only selected individuals (usually a ‘chief’ under old colonial law) for land alienation activity. 

This is the concept of Rangatiratanga in tikanga Maori or as the early missionary termed it the ‘muster’ reminiscent to the ‘Jews’ or ‘Israelites’. That is to say there is no such thing as ‘one chief’ above all others such as we see with the Crown today and evident in the literature. Why? the answer is susceptibility to corruption flowing into society.

What this effectively means is division or the assignment of specific tasks, developing suitable skills and a unity as one or to benefit all.

Which suggests that some have skills that others do not but which when united progress rather than regress can be made.

Community initiatives include creating an awareness of tangata whenua cultural beliefs and the true history. Support for the protection of further desecration of the environment severely compromised due to pollution effects.

The society is currently working with claimants in the Waitangi Tribunal Wai 2200 district inquiry as Mrs Tatana is a named claimant (along with others, Iwi Muaupoko) in terms of Crown policy and legislation in breach of Te Tiriti o Waitangi 1840.

Re-educational endeavours from mis-interpretation by early writers as to the rich cultural history of the region as well as supporting outstanding Sports people in the community are other areas of focus.

We can be called on to assist other community based support operations from time to time.

The society is required to maintain compliance in accordance with registered rules and currently has two trustees and a membership base extending overseas.

To support the society purposes and goals we endeavour to provide assistance in maintaining the use of facilities provided by the Tatana whanau to the society on top of the significant personal support already provided it by members.

In Summary we support:

  1. Community projects that provide the community with lasting benefits.

  2. Culture and history education from different perspectives.

  3. Poverty relief assistance and community focussed support.

  4. Sports activities that benefit the community and support for outstanding sportspeople.

Members are privy to members only or restricted content. Please contact us directly or register to join.

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